Perhaps they simply don’t care. Margery adopted the pull of the lever forward and leaped for it.

The Red Tea Detox

“Aaaccchhh—” Margery spat. A gust of wind had pinned her gauzy, attractive garment to the mouth of the hall as she stepped outdoors the Blocks. Above her, folks seated on a restaurant terrace tittered at her. Their very own flimsy, all-encompassing garments flickered within the breeze like flames. Theirs had acquired the tears and jags that have been thought of enticing; hers have been simply snagged. She groped gingerly across the tough steel and wiring that snaked throughout the doorway, over each claustrophobic, cobbled-together a part of the Blocks. How can these things be so fragile and nonetheless get caught so tight?

The lunch crowd was undoubtedly amused by her state of affairs. She heard eyes click on as photos have been saved. They couldn’t wait. Clearly, she needed to give the stuff a superb yank. Who is aware of how a lot of herself can be aired out for the world to see? That may be that for work right this moment. She’d have to attend, hidden at dwelling, for a provider to choose their approach via the maze of her Block to carry her new garments. She could be out of labor for days if her boss was feeling particularly outraged at Margery’s public indecency. The gang on the rail was gathering.

Why within the hell do I’ve to care about this shit? The gang’s garments coated the identical intolerably imperfect flesh as hers did. If our bodies are so horrible, why is that this the one factor acceptable to put on?

One teenage boy caught her eye. She noticed him uncomfortably shifting as his pals urged him to do… what? Expose himself? Absolutely not. Margery growled and pulled. The gang shrieked and laughed as shreds of her garments floated up within the currents.

The factor that had caught her garments was a lever, like a strolling stick, that was linked to one thing she couldn’t see. It was as scarred, scratched, and soiled as another a part of the Blocks, however the free finish shone as if polished by each hand that handed it, vibrant yellow steel rising from a blackish-green patina. On its aspect have been the inscribed phrases:


Thanks for making every thing just a bit bit worse, Margery thought, and banged the lever up and out of her approach with one bare arm.

Margery trudged throughout the icy floor, reins in hand. She gave the three winter cities forward a large berth. Contained in the house created by the settlements, the clans have been throwing their First Mild celebration, anticipating the couple of minutes the solar would peek over the horizon for the primary time in months. The worst a part of winter would comply with, however it was unthinkable to not have fun the sunshine. There can be fires made the best way they’d all the time been and feasts cooked in line with recipes handed down for generations uncounted. Items can be given, largely new garments adorned with vibrant embroidery precisely like that of clan moms and dads buried within the ice a whole bunch of years in the past. Dancing the identical hop-in-place or swing-your-partner dances by no means failed to thrill. The identical songs can be sung, the identical pipes performed, the identical drums beat, stunning and unchanging. Time rolled with the Earth in countless repetition. Weddings have been blessed, kids named, and Two-Spirits acknowledged below the three minutes of sunshine. Margery may inform the schedule by the rhythms of the drums and the skinny, candy melodies. She was unvoiced and outcast, the one sufferer of the Strike-Communicate fever. No person bothered Margery, however no one acknowledged her existence, both. She traced a protracted, lengthy course across the migration routes.

On the restrict of the sounds of singing, lit solely by the mirrored glow of the celebs within the glassy ice, there was a small upright bundle. Margery sighed and turned towards it. Lumbering behind her was Duda, 40 ft excessive on the shoulder, thick woolly hair hanging almost to the bottom. Duda rolled his shoulders philosophically and turned the best way his tiny companion wished.

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The bundle was greater than she’d anticipated. Crumpled to her knees was a lady of maybe 12 with white hair and tattooed cheeks. Margery leaned in to scent for heat breath and located it. The woman’s nostril was useless with frostbite, however her cheeks have been most likely saved by the caked tears on them. In her arms was a smaller bundle, additionally heat, and behind her, footprints trailed again towards the three cities.

Margery hauled her upright and carried her. The woman’s ft made obscure paddling actions. There was no telling the place that can to maintain strolling got here from, however Margery nodded, glad. She carried the woman via the thick, heavy curtains of reddish-gray wool below Duda’s physique and towards the huge creature’s pouch.

“Haa haa, I’ve a bit of brother,” she gasped.

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Margery stopped.

The woman’s voice, nonetheless raspy and thick via numb lips, modified to a candy singsong. “Foolish woman, why are you taking part in with that? We have now to bury it earlier than the solar comes up.”

The woman mimicked dozens of voices, senseless and repetitive as birdsong: “It’s not likely a child.” “Actual infants are born each 4 years.” “That’s only a hungry ghost.” “Greatest to get it performed earlier than it might eat extra of you.”

Margery lifted the woman, whose arms have been nonetheless locked round her bundle, and slid her into the mouth of Duda’s pouch. Rank heat air puffed out as she did. Head and shoulders into the body-warm, downy pouch inside, Margery did a head depend. Six infants and the 12-year-old, and the worst of the winter but to return. If she discovered any extra she’d have to start out stacking them.

Her eyes stung from the chilly as she parted Duda’s hair and emerged again onto the ice. The wind blew a number of notes of the celebration again to her. Margery stood a very long time and stared of their route. Duda was a peaceable creature, however the best phrases would see him flatten the cities.

However they’re pleased. Margery sighed, took the reins, and walked on. The place the woman had been sitting (had she tripped over it?) was a bar of glinting gold steel, rimed with frost, caught into the ice. Margery squinted at it, aggravated at its unplaceable familiarity. On its aspect, it learn WELCOME TO THIS PERFECT WORLD.

Margery thought concerning the within the ring of cities, after which the surface, after which leaned in opposition to Duda’s huge entrance leg. He rumbled gently from deep below his rib cage, itself as large as any of the homes on the town. Margery sighed and kicked on the lever. It clanked obligingly down.

Getting into the following small, sterile chamber, Margery noticed the desk with the small purple button ready to be pushed and went into her calisthenics. Left, left, proper, flip, flip, flip, flip, hop, hop, hop, hop, clap, proper, clap, proper, up, down, increased, increased—

“Jesus!” stated the Regulator in his white navy lab coat. “Push the goddamn button—”

No,” snapped Margery, bouncing on one foot. “It’s for good luck, and also you interrupted me. I’m beginning over.” On the entrance of her file in closely underlined purple ink, it stated ANXIETY. She’d lengthy since stopped begging for info. Left, left, proper, flip, flip, flip, flip, hop, hop, hop, hop, clap, proper, clap, proper, up, down, increased, increased, flap flap flap flap flap flap flap, twirl left, twirl left, hopscotch, hopscotch, hopscotch, proper, proper, down—

“For luck? What do you imply luck? There’s no luck concerned. It has nothing to do with you personally. That was the entire level, so no one has to see any of it truly occur—”

“Rattling it! Look what you probably did. You made me lose depend—” Margery pivoted to get to her place to begin, a spot centered between the 2 partitions and at the very least three ft from the door. Left, left, proper, flip, flip, flip, flip, hop, hop—

“It’s not our fault if none of you will be bothered to search out out something about what you vote for! Please, woman, dance all you need. Simply push the fucking button first!”

No! Shut up, and let me end. I’ll do your silly experiment or no matter, however—” the Regulator threw his clipboard over his shoulder and leaped at her. Screaming in a high-pitched voice like a steam whistle, Margery spun across the room like a prime. The Regulator’s ft tangled in her whirlwind, his grip on her proper arm bearing her hand in wild arcs to the ceiling, the ground, the door, round and round till they each collapsed in a tangle, like a pack of wire hangers.

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“Now look what you’ve performed,” she wailed. “I’ll by no means bear in mind what I simply did, ever, ever!” Snapping her limbs with nice power, as if crawling have been climbing, she cleared herself of his grip and vaulted as much as the desk.

It did not really feel good to lose depend. Regulators have been all liars and hypocrites. Bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam went her fist on the button, and 9 extra simply to verify.

There. I did it. I informed you I might do it,” she panted, flinging sweaty hair out of her face. “However one thing unhealthy’s going to occur now. I do know it, I do know— and Margery burst into tears, nonetheless hopping quarter-arcs in a decent circle. North, west, south, east, north, south, west, east, now again across the different approach. So absorbed was she in her ritual that she didn’t see the ugly cottage cheese colour of the Regulator’s face.

However within the subsequent small, sterile chamber, there was a lever.

Margery stood patiently, ready to obtain her Sentence. Being an Adjective, she may do nothing till at the very least one Noun confirmed up, ideally with a Verb. She’d been a part of a brief, uneven, inelegant Clause earlier than, serviceable, however nothing to be happy with. They’d all agreed to interrupt up after slicing Adverbs had confirmed no actual enchancment. Margery dreamed of a life as a Sentence, lengthy and evocative and melodic. She wasn’t witty. She was far too prosaic to be intelligent on her personal, however Adjectives all the time discovered a house someplace, even after they contributed little.

It was galling not to have the ability to go wherever unaccompanied. Nouns have been usually agreeable folks, however Verbs have been so damned bossy, irrespective of how widespread or uninteresting they have been. Adjectives had little to do with them for good purpose, however there was no query that they ran issues. Margery bounced evenly on her toes, naked on the glittering glass flooring. Her sensible inexperienced pores and skin, unoccluded by clothes, mirrored faintly within the wall behind her. Every part was glass.

Two halls away, strings of kindergarteners in playgroups ran previous hand in hand. “Look it up! Lock her up! Inform me how! Inform us now!” She shivered a bit of in any respect the implied topic nouns. The traces of youngsters have been lacking the orange-skinned Nouns that ought to have led them. Children will likely be youngsters, she thought. However she considered the Nouns once more and frowned.

A Widespread Preposition, two younger ladies and a boy, stepped out of an elevator and lined up in opposition to the wall close to Margery. The grey-skinned Article, a fairly woman of 12, and the orange Noun, a teenage boy, smiled at her politely, however the older purple Preposition reduce her eyes at them and so they stood at consideration. Clearly, she had her Noun the place she wished him.

The afternoon rush had begun. The streets started to fill with streams of Sentences. Seeing all the colours of their strands, strolling, jogging, or jaywalking, the order soothed Margery. The suitable group for her was on the market. She could be plain, however she was versatile. Toddlers, too younger to remain linked to one another, sang nonsense as they handed: “See, noticed, Marjorie Daw, see, noticed… ”

She jumped on the sound of a voice being cleared. A stern-looking Easy Sentence in black uniform physique paint addressed her. “How lengthy have you ever been right here alone?

“Ah— good? Uh, fairly, ah— half? I— unsure?” The Verb made a face at her fumbling, his blue face darkening. The Preposition spoke sharply. “For disgrace! You recognize she’s alone. Beneath these circumstances, she will be able to be a part of us. For the second.”

Margery shuffled shortly to her place between the Noun and the Article, shrinking below the authority of the Sentence. As soon as she was settled, her voice steadied. “I’m ready for my date. They’re coming quickly— I’m not wild; I’m affected person.” The youngsters appeared so acquainted.

The Noun scribbled a word down on his left arm. “Superb. Don’t allow us to catch you with some Expletive. You’re not certainly one of them, and don’t overlook it.” They strode on.

“Out,” snapped the Preposition, jerking her thumb again to the spot Margery had vacated. The youngsters protested.

“Oh, Mother, only for a minute— till her folks—” the Noun linked his orange fingers into her inexperienced ones.

“Don’t butter me up with Propers. It’s low-cost,” declared the Preposition, who was barely out of her teenagers herself. “We’re nice with out you. In addition to, you have got folks coming.” Margery smiled weakly, squeezed the child’s hand, and grimaced in opposition to the tearing sensation she felt at leaving her place.

The Sentences outdoors have been packed densely now, the colour patterns complicated and engaging. Right here and there have been off-colors: elegant Archaic Phrases, outlandish Loanwords, shabby Misused Phrases begging within the gutter, the jagged neon patterns of a well-liked Vulgar Slang cackling madly as they ran headlong.

Phalanxes of prolonged Legalese marched down the road, parting the gang. Interjections appeared as if from nowhere. The Paragraphs, unearthly of their white paint, their true colours exhibiting solely in broad stripes down their faces, led a string of manacled-together Neologisms.

“What colours are they, even?” requested the Article behind her, in a revolted tone. The Noun stated, “No colour. New colour. In the event that they settle.” The younger Phrase shrugged. “In the event that they get an opportunity.”

“Barf,” his accomplice replied, however earlier than her Preposition may scold her, the primary chunk of damaged glass flew and hit an aged Neo within the aspect of the top. Two others, attractive regardless of their oil-rainbow colour, tried to defend her with their chained arms. One of many Portmanteau shouted, “Go away us alone! None of you have got the balls—” and a razor-sharp shard of glass, spinning because it flew, reduce deep into his face. Crimson, purple, purple, the blood flowed down his greasy and unsure pores and skin. Crimson, that terrifying colour. Screams and extra glass sparkled as arms and ft broke it unfastened and threw it tougher.

“Phrases,” wept the Noun. “They’re Phrases. They’re simply Phrases.”

“Younger,” blurted Margery wearily. The face of the Neologism that had cried out burned in her thoughts. She drifted off the wall, unthinking, and located herself drifting with a number of different Adjectives. “Horrible… unspeakable… ugly… wrenching… banal… evil…” They moaned frequently, however nobody knew whether or not they have been referring to the carnage or its perpetrators.

Margery stopped quick. A slab of glass, damaged into weapons by the indignant Sentences, had caught her throughout the calf.

She clutched her leg in horror, anticipating the insufferable colour of blood, however there was nothing. The pores and skin flap curled in her hand. Beneath, a flash of orange.

Margery was shedding her pores and skin. Beneath, she was a Noun. She was out on the road. There was nowhere to cover. If she was seen Altering… alone… Altering was not spoken of and positively not seen. Margery had by no means thought of the way it could possibly be hidden in a metropolis made completely of glass. Absolutely, it was least noticeable below the safety of a Sentence at the very least, if not a complete Paragraph, the place folks may shift round extra naturally. Not by herself. Not alone.

The blood-smeared glass avenue was slippery. Margery ducked below Sentences’ clasped arms, ignoring their shouts, weaved and dodged. She had no concept the place to go. Her potential Sentences wouldn’t need her now, however it didn’t matter. She was a Noun. She needed to discover a Phrase. Any Phrase.

She ran headlong into an Expletive. He’d popped out of nowhere. “Shit!” screamed the person, all neon stripes and zigzags. “Holy!” Margery screamed again, matching his tone. The Expletive grinned and slapped her. Her pores and skin ripped straight down her face. Orange pores and skin gleamed.

“Fuuuuhhhck… ” gasped the Expletive. “Me!” added Margery, tearing on the seams of her pores and skin. The gang hovered, unsure.

The Expletive grabbed her arm, his eyes laborious. “No, fuck you!” he snarled. Margery twisted her arm to be freed from his grip, leaving jags of inexperienced pores and skin in his arms, however he wouldn’t let go. Out of the blue, she stepped in and turned the Expletive’s personal skinny arms in opposition to him. He barked his quick phrases time and again till she locked his eyes with hers and hissed, “Ssssssshhhhhh.”

The struggle and the worry leaked out of him. Margery’s newly orange face relaxed, and the Expletive’s lopsided smile grew. Sure, she was a Noun now.

Six months later, her shoulders sagged as she stood on a terrace wanting down on the Phrases staggering unconnected via the streets, stuttering single syllables and nonwords or moaning or screaming. Her Verb, her stunning, courageous Verb, sat on a nook, eyes riveted to her shaking arms, struggling, “To— to— toog— oh? G-g-geh? To et?” It had all fallen aside.

Margery had shaped the core concept of a complete Thesis, drawing collectively attractive patterns of thought into Paragraph after Paragraph, with extra discovering their locations in her construction day by day. Elsewhere, variations on her Theme had begun constructing themselves. She’d informed them how they may type better Tales by effecting change in themselves personally by tolerating it in others, and how you can do it… throughout now.

Margery appeared up and squinted to focus her eyes. It was nonetheless laborious to do and felt unsuitable. Above the glass metropolis, there was a stage constructed of concrete and metal, opaque and ignored by all Phrases from the day of their beginning. Inside have been the Letters with their unusual, uncolored our bodies and inscrutable faces. They wore clothes, just like the skins of Phrases, reduce and pieced to suit. They made the world.

When Margery’s message started to unfold, the Letters stood at their home windows and shaped a brand new utterance: ACHROMATOPSIC. The Phrases under had absorbed the brand new idea with out consciousness of the place it had come from. The end result was chaos. ACHROMATOPSIC broke all bonds and unfold like a illness. Solely the youngest kids appeared unaffected, skipping via the crowds, thrilled with their liberty, chanting, “Ay! Crow! Ma-top! Sick! Ay! Crow! Ma-top! Sick!”

The few grownup Phrases unaffected by the Spell have been, like Margery, hugging the partitions of the corridors as former household and pals staggered, wept, and rambled aimlessly however urgently. If the Letters may do that, she thought, they may do something. Why, why, why do… this?

Perhaps they simply don’t care. Margery adopted the pull of the lever forward and leaped for it.

Margery twirled on the present flooring in her huge gown. She had simply been offered at public sale for a record-breaking worth. The refrain crooned the digits of her sale worth, and the Robber Baron’s daughter was now undeniably the Crown Princess. The band blared. The entire world watched the printed: an excellent season of murdering rivals competing to steal lovers awaited her, and so they have been keen to observe. Margery slung an ankle in a ridiculously costly shoe above her head to hook across the shining gold pole upright within the middle of the ground. The gang rumbled in anticipation. Every part was good. Cash can be collected in huge portions, and everybody who had nothing can be impressed. Or in the event that they weren’t, it didn’t matter. Throughout Redistribution years when the wealth was shuffled evenly to each particular person, no one was pleased. TV was so uninteresting throughout these years. They most well-liked Princesses. They’d all the time favor Princesses. A Princess may sway the Viewers towards what she deemed essential.

However solely so long as she did what they preferred. Her life had been lived on digicam for the reason that day of her conception. She’d been taught that there was wreck in an excessive amount of improvisation. If she misplaced her Viewers, what would she be? May she lose them, given how a lot cash she represented now? Was she simply making an attempt to make an even bigger splash and nonetheless persist with her script? Or did she actually wish to know what it could be like to not have one? Did she need this life, or was she simply decided to be good at it?

Margery swallowed champagne-flavored vomit and spoke into her microphone.

“Watch this shit.”

She inverted herself and twirled across the pole, skirts flying, and the lever gracefully slid down. The Viewers had anticipated a spectacular pole routine, not… this was like watching a Baron gentle a cigar with a painted masterpiece. The lever chunked into place. Margery grinned savagely on the thunderstruck crowd—

The Residence was an island of paradisiacal magnificence, glittering sand and crystalline water, jeweled fish and heavenly scented bushes. Meals of each sort was in countless abundance on paths that led from one vista to the following, every extra beautiful than the final. Margery had her opinions about which view was greatest at what time of day, however they mattered solely to her. The following Resident would little doubt have their very own concepts.

Margery walked barefoot down the worn stone of the north aspect of the island, however she stopped in need of the extensive overlook with its carved railings. The peak above sea stage right here was proper. The circumstances have been proper. The mirage on the sea’s horizon shimmered.

The mainland couldn’t be seen from the island, besides on these uncommon days when the air and the ocean and the angle of the solar have been all in alignment. A imaginative and prescient of the farther shore loomed up on the horizon, and he or she may see the land, strong partitions of interlocking buildings to the shore, and the transferring lights of machines constructing increased, increased, and the countless marching ants that have been uncountable mobs of individuals. They lived their lives shoulder to shoulder, sitting on one another’s laps in the event that they sat in any respect, mendacity down in stacks to sleep at evening, strolling most of their days, delivering issues to one another by handing issues down or up the road. Solely the Resident lived alone. The remainder of the world made the very best of it.

The mirage stretched and shrank, doubled and inverted, and sank lastly right into a easy line on the seam of sea and sky. Margery shivered. What particular qualities had put her right here? She had no concept. No person knew. It was the need of everybody that there was a Resident. It was the one good factor that individuals may grant. It helped folks to think about one particular person dwelling alone in peace. They may get on with life realizing the Residence existed. However Margery, having been chosen, she have to be one thing particular. One thing totally different. The road between her life earlier than and her life now was indelibly drawn. Margery was alone, thereby totally different, and subsequently higher than everybody else.

Margery stopped out of the blue among the many bushes simply earlier than an awesome clearing. Was that somebody standing… ? It couldn’t be. Her ears buzzed, her coronary heart pounded. If it was an individual, what may she carry them? A flower, a drink, a string of coral beads? Her nerves twitched and jerked as she struggled to not scrabble on the bottom for a fist-sized rock or a sharpened stick. She stumbled unwillingly ahead to greet her customer and study their function.

A masks, wrought in uninteresting bronze, grinned at her from atop a heavy pole. Darkish, dried lacquer coated its assist. A face? Eyes, cheeks, lips, forehead, however weirdly proportioned: the thick, pointed ears on prime of the top? A pig’s head. Its elfin, alien eyes gazed down knowingly. Hesitantly she lifted it from its perch. It was heavy and slippery, and he or she dropped it. Even face-down within the sand, she knew what query it could ask of her. Strands of reminiscence, dreamlike and unconnected earlier than this second, wound themselves tightly collectively now. The submit that had supported it was the lever. The acquainted gold of the deal with shone within the mushy inexperienced gloom. WELCOME TO THIS PERFECT WORLD.

Just for some, she thought, and braced her ft to tug it down.

On her lunch break, Margery pushed again her plate and thumbed via {a magazine}. The principle article was about yet one more nation at conflict, gorgeously composed photograph after photograph of rubble and girls with shocked, starved eyes. The one which stopped her chilly was of a water pump within the middle of what had been a city, a pump of a sort she acknowledged. She’d seen it in a charity catalog and had donated one-thirtieth of the value to have one prefer it constructed. It appeared like a factor she may try this was completely innocent.

This pump was totally different. This one had a deal with of burnished brass that shone in opposition to the bullet-ridden bricks and the maroon sky, churning with clouds and smoke. Survivors have been struggling terribly from thirst, previous folks and little kids, the article stated.

However it’s proper there, thought Margery, why doesn’t anyone do one thing?

She was a very long time to find out.

Margery clung to the lever as Guards stomped on her fingers, unable to interrupt her grip as they may her bones. Nobody would cease them; she was a Prisoner. The opposite Prisoners chanted from their cells. The faces she had seen time and again in world after world ran via her thoughts: the deserted kids, the starved, the murdered, these stripped of their names, their freedom, their flesh; the armies of have-nots who by no means knew how far more they may lose. The multitudes of the glad prepared to fireplace a single weapon or phrase to defend the world because it was as a result of, in any case, one bullet was nothing. The burnt, the blamed, the forgotten, the misplaced. The savage pleasure of the uplifted, the faces below their ft. She’d by no means seen any higher than half of them pleased directly — on this world or another. It was simply one other pull on the lever.

The nice clock on the wall took a deep mechanical breath and struck midnight. The cell doorways burst open. The Guards fell to their knees, fired their weapons into the crowds or their very own heads, ran down the halls or sought refuge within the cells. The brand new yr had begun, and so they have been now Prisoners. The brand new Guards shouted and sang as they took their revenge. A couple of shot determined glances up at Margery. Every year, Guards grew to become Prisoners, Prisoners grew to become Guards, and peacemakers have been few and much between.

If solely—

I’ll by no means win. Any person’s all the time struggling. The Home all the time wins, she thought, and clutched the lever of… what? A slot machine? The place was she?

A reminiscence that couldn’t be hers. A dream? An phantasm flickered within the spots earlier than her eyes. Her six-year-old ft skimming swiftly over battered grey grass, twinkly, too-bright coloured lights, shards of mirror, the wild music of a steam calliope. The Flying Horses carousel on the county truthful. The world spun, the fairground reeled, the picket horses heeled gently because the carousel gained pace. Margery gripped the brass pole that suspended her and her most stunning steed. Round and round and round, and he or she would always remember the enjoyment of it. It was a protracted bounce down, for the Flying Horses had no platform, and her legs felt like straws as she ran grinning again to her mom.

Her mom hadn’t wished to provide her the nickel to journey. “Effectively, you has spent your cash. You has had your journey, however you inform me—” and her mom’s face was her personal face, and he or she glared down on the little woman earlier than her. “The place did you go?”

Previous her mom’s fist on her hip Margery may see the carousel’s operator, who smiled via an awesome weight of wrinkles and pulled the polished brass lever to start out the journey once more. Margery smiled, relenting, at her daughter and twisted her wedding ceremony ring, unfastened on her finger.

Margery drew herself fastidiously to her ft, wanting down on her folks. She clutched the lever, slippery with blood or sweat or grease. Everyone ought to get a journey, an opportunity at their very own extra good world. Even when we simply go round and round and round.

“I really like you,” she cried, unheard by anybody on this world, or the final or the following. “I really like you all.” She used her physique weight to tug the lever time and again and once more.


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