Florian Schiestl

The traditional people also called the “hobbit” individuals (Homo floresiensis) may need firm of their small stature with the invention of one other species of hominin within the Philippines. Host Sarah Crespi talks to Contributing Correspondent Lizzie Wade about what researchers have realized about this hominin from a jaw fragment, and its finger and toe bones and the way this matches in with previous discoveries of different historic people.

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Additionally this week, host Meagan Cantwell speaks with Florian Schiestl, a professor in evolutionary biology on the College of Zurich in Switzerland, about his work to know the speedy evolution of the flowering plant Brassica rapa over the course of six generations. He was in a position to see how the mix of pollination by bees and threat of getting eaten by herbivores influences the plant’s look and protection mechanisms.

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This week’s episode was edited by Podigy.

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