The primary trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (the newly introduced, official title for Episode IX, the upcoming conclusion of the Star Wars Skywalker saga) is right here, and Lucasfilm has given followers a stunning quantity of footage to dissect.

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There are nearly no particulars on Episode IX’s precise plot or story within the trailer, simply a whole lot of disconnected scenes, however there are nonetheless loads of hints about what to anticipate from The Rise of Skywalker. We’ve damaged down all the important thing moments of the trailer beneath, together with our greatest guesses at what all of it means.

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The trailer opens with a shot of Rey on an unknown desert planet. (Jakku? Tatooine? Geonosis? Someplace new?) “We’ve handed on all we all know,” Luke Skywalker intones in a voiceover. “A thousand generations stay in you now.”

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She’s holding her lightsaber, which appears to have been repaired from when it was cut up in half on the finish of The Final Jedi.

A ship — related in look to Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer, however with a extra conventional, spherical TIE Fighter cockpit and purple accents — barrels towards her, and Rey flips over it.

An A-Wing fighter flies towards a metropolis at night time on what seems to be a unique planet than the unique desert.

Kylo Ren (now the Supreme Chief of the First Order) suplexes an attacker (who seems to be wielding an axe? Like an everyday axe?) along with his lightsaber, reducing him in half.

There’s a shot of Kylo repairing his helmet, which he smashed to items in Final Jedi after his mentor, the (now deceased) Snoke, taunted that Kylo isn’t something like his idol Darth Vader: “You might be only a youngster in a masks.” With Snoke not negging him, it appears Kylo has determined that it’s secure to put on the masks once more, now with some cool new purple cracks operating by means of it.

Lando (Billy Dee Williams) is as soon as once more again within the Millennium Falcon, flying with Chewbacca as co-pilot. The Falcon has bounced backwards and forwards between Han and Lando lots over time, as anybody who noticed the prequel film Solo is aware of. And naturally, Lando is decked out in his basic model, with a flashy yellow tunic and his signature cape.

There’s a chase scene with our heroes on the identical desert planet as Rey, from the opening pictures of the trailer. Whereas it’s robust to inform, the speeder concerned does like fairly just like the skiffs Jabba the Hutt utilized in Return of the Jedi. Units that appear like moisture vaporators (these spire-like buildings moisture farmers like Luke’s uncle Owen used to extract water from the air) may point out that The Rise of Skywalker returns to the place the Skywalker story started, on Tatooine. Additionally on this shot: jet-pack stormtroopers!


Somebody holds one of many medals awarded to Luke and Han (however not Chewie, infamously) after the Battle of Yavin IV.

Rey, Poe, Finn, Chewie, C-3PO, BB-8, and newcomer droid D-0 (who appears like a small robo-duck) come to the sting of a cliff in a grassy discipline which, the subsequent shot reveals, appears out over an ocean, with what seems to be the wreckage of one of many Demise Stars.


Provided that the 2 recognized Demise Stars had been destroyed over Yavin IV and Endor, it’s doubtless that that is a type of two planets, or a world someplace within the neighborhood. The geography doesn’t resemble both of these two planets, however my wager is on Endor, given the subsequent a part of the trailer.


“Nobody’s ever actually gone,” says Luke in a voiceover. After which there’s the unmistakable cackle of Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid). Provided that Palpatine was final seen falling down a shaft into the reactor core of the Demise Star, it might make sense for Rey and firm to be investigating these ruins for clues, assuming Palpatine actually is again.


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