Maybe you’re not about the subscription music life and still get your tunes from Pandora’s many streaming stations. If so, you can now play that music directly through Google’s Waze navigation app on iPhone. Last year, Waze added an audio player feature with integration from Spotify, NPR One, TuneIn Radio, and other services. Pandora says both its free and premium tiers are now supported on both the Android and iOS versions of Waze.

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“Better yet, this integration goes both ways. Once you connect Pandora and Waze on your mobile device, you can also see the next step of your Waze navigation directly in the Pandora app,” Pandora wrote in a blog post. This takes the form of a banner at the top of the Pandora app; the company notes it should only appear when you’ve got Waze open and running, so it’ll go away when that’s not the case.

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Waze actually announced that this was coming last year — and the Pandora integration had already been live on Android before this point. But now it’s also available on iOS.

If you’ve got any of the music apps that Waze supports on your device, the audio player icon will automatically show up at the top right of the navigation app, and the setup process is super quick. Head to Waze’s FAQ linked above if you run into any issues.


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