Google is combining its travel-related products — the mobile Google Trips app, Google Flights, Google hotels search, and more — under a singular tool aptly called Trips. The new landing page under lets travelers search by destination to find options for flights, hotels, travel guides, or vacation packages. And once you’ve booked your trip, whether through the Google tool or not, Trips can gather up all the booking receipts to outline your itinerary, confirmation codes, and travel information and present them alongside weather reports on your travel dates.

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Breadcrumbs of Trips had been scattered through various Google products over the past months. For example, when you have a reservation for a hotel or a restaurant, looking that business up on Google Maps will display your reservation time and date, and clicking it displays your confirmation receipt. Maps also offers an Explore tool to show you things to do nearby, and this will also get incorporated into the Trips landing page when you’re planning your travel.

Additionally, if you track flight prices on a Google search, Trips will also display updates for any changes that occur. According to Google, Trips will soon show hotels you’ve viewed in case you still need to make booking arrangements.

The new Trips landing page is live now on the web, the company did not specify how this will impact the Google Trips mobile app which is currently used as a competitor to TripIt for displaying travel itineraries offline. It did say, however, that these Trips features will be accessible through Google Maps in the coming months.

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