It’s so perfect a concept I have a hard time believing it actually exists and will soon be on sale: a Stranger Things LEGO set where The Upside Down is treated just as literally as in the hit Netflix show.

The Red Tea Detox

There, it’s a dark, evil, bizarro world that’s literally just beneath the surface of reality, perhaps deep in the roots of a tree or on the other side of that wall. Here, it’s a Lego set that can literally be flipped upside down to expose that evil version of the Byers’ iconic house where many key moments in the show’s first season played out.

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The $200, 2,287-piece set is called ‘The Upside Down,” naturally, and like most Lego sets it’s not remotely a 1:1 recreation of the environments from the show, even at minifig scale; like Lego’s takes on The Simpsons’ house or Harry Potter’s famous Hogwarts Castle — but more so — you’ll only find a few very scaled down rooms inside to help you act out some iconic moments.

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Some of the details are pretty glorious, though, as is this delightfully retro commercial:

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I’ve never seen a Lego set quite like this before. It’ll be on sale June 1st, although Lego VIP members can purchase it starting tomorrow.


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