Uber is rolling out a series of new features for its higher-priced luxury car service, Uber Black, including a “quiet car” mode for riders who want to discourage chatty drivers. It’s the first upgrade to the ride-hail giant’s premium service to take place in several years.

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In addition to a quiet mode, Uber riders can also use the app to request help with their luggage or to communicate their preferred temperature to the driver. They can also ask for extra time before getting into the car without incurring late pickup fees, and will able to speak directly to a customer service rep if something goes wrong. Riders can also select “no preference” to any of these options.

Normally, most of these requests could be handled easily by speaking to your driver like a human being, but why bother when the technology can do it for you?

Uber Black and Uber Black SUV are the company’s premium car services that place riders in high-end vehicles. Fares are typically 100 percent more expensive than Uber X and 200 percent more expensive than Uber Pool. Uber Black drivers must have commercial registration and insurance, and in certain markets, they must maintain a certain minimum rating to keep driving for the service.

Uber was originally founded as a luxury car service that could be booked through a smartphone app. It wasn’t until later that the company introduced Uber X, it’s low-cost option that eventually propelled Uber into becoming a household name.

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