9to5Google has received a couple of photos of the upcoming Pixel 4, out in the world. Their tipster says the photos were taken in London and they confirm what Google had already shown with its tease earlier this week: there’s a big, square camera bump on the back.

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The Red Tea Detox

According to 9to5Google, the person who spotted the phone and snuck the photos also managed to get a glimpse of the front of the device, which reportedly did not have a notch but instead a large “forehead” with two cameras in it.

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Image: 9to5Google

As you can see, the phone is in a case, and though it’s pretty blurry it looks like it’s Google’s classic fabric case that it has made for previous Pixel phones. There’s also a hole at the top of the case, presumably for a second microphone, a common feature on most smartphone these days for noise cancellation and stereo recording.

The photo comes as many as four months ahead of the expected launch of the Pixel 4 in October. Google tried to disrupt the regular script for how leaks affect the hype cycle for a phone launch by teasing the phone itself earlier this week – but a real photo this far ahead of the launch surely wasn’t in the company plans.

Some had hoped that would mean an earlier release for the phone, but Verizon appears to still expect an October launch, as evidenced by Evan Blass in a protected Tweet. We also expect the Pixel 4 to potentially include a tiny radar chip for detecting hand gestures in the air above the phone.

You can see another photo of the Pixel 4 over at 9to5Google right now. And you’ll likely see much more of it than Google would like in the coming months, if history is any indication.


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